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When Should I See My Dentist?

You should see a dentist soon if your toothache:

  • A toothache lasts longer than two days
  • A toothache becomes more severe
  • Other symptoms along with a tooth pain such as pain, fever, or an earache and feel pain when opening your mouth wide

Emergency toothache relief

Suffering from an instant toothache? Or just want to get rid of from the irritation of the mouth pain due to sudden tooth fracture? Calm down! Here are some strong tips to have EFFECTIVE emergency toothache relief.

First of all check the painful tooth properly. Might be it entangled the tiny part of the chewed food. Simply brush your teeth completely and get the immediate relief.

If it does not work then its time to head up towards the kitchen! There would be a lot to cure your emergency toothache. Like turmeric, clove, potato, peppermint etc.

Use warm water and salt to form the mixture then rinse your mouth. Surely you will find it effective to reduce your tooth pain.

Turmeric being the most efficient antiseptic & antibacterial is the IDEAL aid for it. It’s easy to use! Just make the paste of turmeric with water then use it to the affected area.

No fear of its ingestion also!

Cucumber is also famous for the pain & inflammation. Do you like the chilled cucumber or fresh one? You will be amazed when you use its chilled sliced on hurting tooth. Your pain will have vanished in seconds.

Yet you may mash it to have its paste. Afterward, apply it and say goodbye to the pain. Amazing!

Peppermint also offers you the relief that you could not be experienced ever an emergency. Best of all is its USE. Just take the washed peppermint leaves then chew it. Within a few minutes, you will smile as your pain get off. Wonderful! Plus if you have dried leaves of it simply place their powder in teeth that give you the tough time.

So, assured emergency toothache relief is TROUBLE-FREE & EASY now.

Tooth Extraction Aftercare

Tooth extraction aftercare will not only save you from the further infections but will help you a lot to be healthy soon to enjoy your routine.

Let’s look at them:

  • Take the painkillers as prescribed to accelerate the healing.
  • Keep the original gauze pad in position for 3-4 hours after the procedure. If it gets off by some way make the new one simply by folding the gauze to bite size. Dip it in warm water then after soaking place in the area of torment. Also, you may use the tea bag as the alternative. The warm tea bag is capable to provide you EXTRA soothing effect. Credit to tannins in tea! Tannis can pace up the blood clotting process to stop bleeding.
  • Tooth socket should not be disturbed for 24 hours at least after the extraction to be away from the INTENSE pain and POSSIBLE INFECTION.
  • Stay away from smoking to continue the healing process as soon as possible. This keeps you safe & sound from the likelihood of post-operative infection.
  • Be cautious about hot & crunchy eatables! As such food may cause the opening of wound and bleeding.
  • Avoid rinsing and spitting.
  • Use a straw for liquids for one day after the treatment. Specifically, take vitamin C that may lay a hand for the healing process.
  • Keep your head up with the pillows while sleeping.
  • Maintain the oral hygiene with great care.

Thanks to tooth extraction aftercare that promotes the easiness to the curing procedure unbelievably! That today I am okay with my good health before my friend who did not follow them and still is in pain though we have the treatment on the same day.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction/Removal

Wisdom tooth extraction/removal is the process of removal of the impacted tooth (invisible tooth) or partially erupted tooth (could not grow properly out from the gums).

Wisdom teeth usually come out during 17-25 years of age as the 3rd set of molars in the backside of your mouth.

Why extract it?

However, this procedure let you free from the severe pain of this tooth as its unseen and could not get the proper brushing & flossing. This may cause many infections that are NOT GOOD for you.

  • They appear in the wrong position.
  • The mouth has no room for this extra tooth.
  • They are impacted.
  • Have cavities or other gum diseases.
  • Damage to surrounding tooth or bones.

In such situations, its extraction or removal is the PERFECT option.

What happens in this procedure?

Do not be dread about it! Your oral surgeon handles it with GREAT EFFICIENCY.

Normally the following steps are done during this procedure:

  • Cut in the gum to expose the tooth & bone after having flaps
  • Remove the bone that blocks the access to the target tooth
  • Either split the tooth into sections for your ease of removal
  • Remove the tooth
  • Clean the surroundings of tooth & bone
  • Stitch the wound close enough to accelerate the healing
  • Set the gauze over the wound to overcome the bleeding to buzz the blood clotting

For the maximum positive results must follow the aftercare of the surgery within the normal recovery timing of 2 weeks.

Take in a lot of water after the surgery. Do not smoke. Take yogurts and other smoothies. Do not forget to use a straw etc.

Be regular to surgeon follow up in case of any need.

Briefly, wisdom tooth extraction is 100% beneficial for anyone to be with potential health for the future.

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