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Our brain is playing a master role in controlling all of our bodies. Our body is consisting of different systems that are linked with one another. These are the nervous system, digestive system, blood circulatory system, excretory system and reproductive system etc. If there is found any disturbance in the function of one system, our whole body is affected. All systems are finally controlled by our nervous system that contains the brain as one the most important part.

It is clearly observed from running days that everyone is suffering from some health issues. Complaints of having diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes or stomach problems etc are commonly seen not only in adults but also in youngsters. The reason of increasing the ratio of diseases depends on several factors.

The most important factor of losing health fitness is mental stress. Life always demands patience to deal with daily work difficulties. Also, it is necessary to have positive stamina to handle different matters. Having positive stamina helps you to lead in the most suitable direction.

But a big drawback of our society is that everyone is running behind the negative one. Today a man is stressed not due to his circumstances or destiny but he is worry due to his Ideas and thinking.

A student may become stress due to the fear of failure in exams although he is fully preparing for exams. A mother is always seemed to be worry from the health issues of her children.

In order to make her children perfect, she lost her own health. A relative is burning in the fire of jealousy as his cousin is looking luckier than himself. An employee becomes heartbroken because of his bonus or salary issues etc.

In short, everyone has always complained to others. These unfilled desires put a bad effect on mental health and general anxiety that in the future become the reason of creating several other diseases. Health is wealth. Good health is great blessing of Allah. So take care of your health to enjoy your life.

Never pay attention on the negative effects. Always try to find a positive direction and walk on it. You will feel relaxation and freshness in your health and also in your life.


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