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Have you ever wandered what the secret might be of the perfect Hollywood smiles of the celebrities? Well the perfect magnetic smile of the celebrities has a secret and that happens to be cosmetic dentistry.

In fact, the renowned stars like Tom Cruise, Drew Barrymore, Gwen Stefani, Justin Bieber and Dakota Fanning sought for the orthodontic treatment for their enigmatic smile.

But today cosmetic dentistry is not just limited to the celebrities. Anyone can go for it. Cosmetic dentistry is a method that focuses on the improvement of the appearance of the teeth, face and smile. Although the cosmetic dentistry happens to be the elective rather than an absolute requirement, but in the long run it can provide a plethora of restorative benefits.

Usually the most common procedures of cosmetic dentistry are quite simple and a call for specialized services. Here are some of the most common procedures. Just read on.

  • Veneers – These are ultra-thin porcelain shells that adhere to the natural teeth. Veneers are made of lithium disilicate which happens to be a super strong form of porcelain that will last for minimum 20 years with proper home-care. No or minimum tooth structures can be removed in the procedure as a result of which this treatment is mostly painless and quick.  Veneers look natural and they do not usually stain. You can work with your cosmetic dentist for deciding on the perfect size, shape and color for achieving the ideal cosmetics. Within just two visits you should be able to go for the perfect shape, size and color for achieving the ideal smile and that too within just a couple of visits.


  • Bonding – Bonding happens to be a putty-like resin material that can be applied to the cracked, chipped or misshapen teeth. Dental bonding is a procedure that is painless and can be completed in about half-an-hour to an hour and lasts for a decade with proper care. The resin that looks like tooth enamel is hardened with a laser-light or ultraviolet rays for matching the teeth.


  • Implants – After tooth loss, dental implants help in replacing the teeth. The dentist inserts a small titanium screw into the jaw where the tooth is missing and it functions as the support for the crown. The implants cannot be distinguished from the surrounding teeth and once the supporting tissue and the bones fuse they are secured in the place permanently. Diligent oral hygiene has to be practiced by the patients during the placement period for cleaning the food debris and plaque from the area.


  • Inlays and Onlays – These are also known as the indirect fillings. Unlike some treatments that are completely done in the office of the dentist, inlays and onlays are mostly manufactured in the laboratories. In case of mild to moderate decays inlays are used or there is insufficient tooth for supporting the filling.  If there is no damage to the cusps of the teeth which are the little hills on the top of the teeth, an inlay is placed directly on top of the tooth surface. Inlays and onlays are constructed in the from a composite material and then placed on the teeth and fixed with an adhesive dental cement. As the inlays and onlays offer support for strengthening the teeth their shape is restored and that prevents further deterioration or decay. Thus, they are cosmetic, corrective, restorative and also to some extent preventive.


  • Teeth Whitening – Of all the cosmetic dentist procedures, tooth whitening happens to be one of the most popular ones. The teeth are exposed to a great number of agents everyday that can stain them to such an extent that a thorough clean by the oral hygienist won’t make much of a difference. Though the over-the-counter products are available, they don’t go for much of a difference. The best dentist in Hyderabad offers two options. The less popular treatment happens to be a something where home treatment is suggested, and it has to be repeated time and again. Instead most people opt for the instant teeth whitening therapies. It just takes a completely painless and quick visit to the dentist and you can walk with a beautiful smile.

The above are some of the most common cosmetic dental procedures and any of them can be recommended to you by your dentist depending on your condition. All of them are highly effective and can offer you with the best results that you are seeking for without making a dent in your pocket.

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