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How To Treat Head Lice? Home Remedies & Treatments

How To Treat Head Lice? Home Remedies & Treatments Head lice infestation is such a grave problem if anyone in your family gets infested with head lice. It can spread to the whole family that can be really devastating. What if someday your little girl comes home scratching her head crazily! And after looking at the envelope in her hand you may get astonished. Reading the school letter can be another nightmare for you. You never wanted to get this letter from your kid’s school nurse letting you know that your little girl is infested with head lice and nits.

The thought of being infested with lice heavily cringes as it becomes very difficult to remove the head lice, especially in young kids when they go to school. Their school schedule gets affected as the teacher may warn them to clean their heads before coming back to school. In the worst cases, some of the teachers even instruct kids to sit alone and don’t play with their friends as it increases the transmission of head lice from one head to another. Head lice is a serious issue and it should be taken care of seriously. Causal behavior can leave horrendous results such as a kid or even an adult can get hundreds of lice in their head if they didn’t take care of their head properly.  Some of the lice symptoms include scratching, bruises around the neck and on the scalp, etc.

Lifecycle of Headlice

Remember head lice will never be alone in your head. The life cycle of head lice begins after it lay eggs. The egg matures in 8 to 14 days and then hatch. Once hatched they are known as nymphs. Then they get mature and become adult head lice. These adult head lice tend to be small just like the head of a match stick. It is easily visible from the naked eye and anyone can look at it without a magnifying glass. Though for some people it will require to take a magnifying glass to look closely as it is small in size.

Is it an expensive treatment?

Though, you don’t need to worry about it as the solutions for head lice are available. Head lice do not require expensive treatment as it may sound. You may think that how much you need to spend money to remove the head lice from your head. But the good thing is that it isn’t that difficult to remove head lice from your hair.

Home remedies to treat head lice

  • Treat head lice with Olive oil
  • Get rid of nits with Tea tree oil
  • Use Mayonnaise to treat head lice
  • Leave and rinse hair with Vinegar to treat lice


There are some also clinics that offer head lice removal kits and they look for such people to help them to get rid of the lice. It may seem difficult initially but with the right approach and technique, it becomes relatively easy to combat this parasite. You should know that where do lice come from? So you can treat the root cause and stop it from spreading.


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