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Top 5 Health and Fitness Tips to Adopt

Health is wealth. If a person is healthy he intends to do toughest task.

Following are some fitness tips that are helpful to stay healthy for long time.

1.     Proper Sleep

Take at least 8- hours sleep. Proper sleep is necessary for healthy mind. Our body is under control of our brain system. Proper sleep provides relaxation to stress muscles of nervous system that in turn enables the coordination among various systems of body. Thus they all work properly. If mind is not fresh, it becomes unable to bear the load of daily work. A man feels headache. He cannot pay attention to his work. His memory also becomes weak. Improper sleep may put bad effect on eye sight of person. So proper sleep is very important factor to stay healthy and avoid many problems.

2.    Having Bath

Take morning wash daily. Our skin contains thousands of pours on it. These pours are helpful to secret sweat glands from the body. Sweat glands may contain harmful bacteria. Morning wash opens the pours of body so that these bacteria become discharge from our body and prevent us from getting into many diseases. Moreover pours of body are also closed from germs and sand, surrounding in our environment. Closing of pours effect the removal of bacteria through sweat glands.

3.     Exercise:

Exercise is very important to maintain health. Exercise plays very important role to active all parts of body. It inhibits many diseases to attack on us. The most simple, easy and effective exercise is walking and running. This exercise is very helpful in losing weight. Sweat that has discharged after running, melt extra cholesterols. Through walk, digestive system works more effectively. Many stomach diseases can be prevented due to regular walk.

4.     Balanced diet:

To enjoy health fitness, it is crucial to have all nutrients in your diet. Proper meal can make person strong and healthy. Take balanced food two times in a day. Balanced diet includes calcium, protein, carbohydrates and vitamins etc. A person can find these nutrients in milk, egg, vegetables, meat, wheat, rice and in fruits and also in dry fruits. To stay healthy it is must to add all these items in your diet but not at the same time. Make alternative patterns to eat all these nutrients gradually on weekly basis.

5.     Neatness:

Neat and clean atmosphere is necessary for good health. Try to make your surroundings germs free by keeping your home out of dirt. Wash your hands before and after taking meal. Keep your clothes clean. Prevent the air from smoke. Throw garbage in close dust bags and burn it far from the city. So that citizen cannot be disturbed through pollution and remain safe from the danger of polluted atmosphere. Grow plants as much as possible by all individual. As trees are very important source to provide fresh air to breath and prevent from many problems. Their green color provide satisfaction to eyes and soul that may leads towards a healthy life.

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