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  1. It is compulsory for you to must write an original article. This will happen when it must be written by you. That article should never available anywhere else before yet, including your own blog/site.
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  3. Very Important: It is not allowed to submit a nonspecific article on theory, the kind of article that is general and can be easily found everywhere else across the web. Your article should not only be explanatory, but SERVICEABLE. Otherwise, we will instantly refuse your article without any warning.

Original, accurate, innovative, unique, authentic, recent, applicable to our audience – that’s the kind of content we are considering for.

  1. We might need to revise the content and correct the mistakes (misspellings, grammar, formatting, etc.) before publishing it.
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  5. Articles must be written in good English.
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  7. To give a response to the comment about your published report is a crucial activity because it is the source to encourage social media traffic, coverage and sharing.

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We will make sure to read and submit an article as soon as possible and will inform you within a day or two if we decide on publishing it.

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We should try to publish your article as fast as within a week of approval. Generally, it depends upon the number of articles, we already have waiting to be published.

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