Social Good

How society inspired by stories

Stories come into exist from the experiences of one’s life and motivate others in certain cases. Stories are the source to have a deep insight inside other’s life. Readers of stories are always effected from the content and also from characters. These effects are of different kinds.

An effective and powerful story is that one can make reader sentimental and emotional. A good story is one that has make the reader to realize himself as a character of story. He feel as he is watching all scenes to happen in front of him that are describing in story. If it is sad story, it has to make the reader cry.

If it is happily end story then it must fills the heart with pleasure and hope. Love stories motivate the youngsters to do as. In short, a good story makes the reader to forget his surrounding and take him in the environment of imagination where reader feels all story in real manner.

Our world is full of with people containing different mental levels. People are belonged with different religion, culture and traditions. So there level to judge an event is not always similar.

So when a person is reading or listening a story, it also take it according to his circumstances and his own nature. Some people are motivated in positive direction but there are chances to feel negative effects in your heart and mind also.

A story may receive different comments. It is admired from one group of reader, at the same time it is criticized by another group of society. The reason is to have different intellectual criteria about life.

There are a lot of suggestions that are received at the end of story. There is also variation in these suggestions. Because everyone has its own perception and consider himself as a genius from others.

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