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How Smoking Can Ruin Your Looks? Smoking Facts!

Side Effects of Smoking Cigarettes

You know that what smoking does inside the body-many kind of cancer, disease and infertility but it can also damage your looks. Smoking facts are too dangerous. Long term smoking takes major problem on the appearance of your teeth, skin and hair. It can also affect your eye and give you dark under eye circles.

Eye bags

According to a study by Johns Hopkins report smoker feeling four times un-rested as compared to no smoker after a full night of sleep. Researcher is not sure why this happening but one suspicion is that forgoing nicotine for an extended period. It’s can also affect your sleep pattern and give you dark cycles and bags in your face.

Yellow Teeth

Smoking makes your teeth yellow because of tar, chemicals and nicotine which carried in the smoke are common smoking facts. A study conducted in 2005 found 28% of smoker has faced yellow teeth problems and less satisfied with the state of their teeth.

Wrinkles and Lines

Cigarette can damage and affect your skin around the mouth. It’s also a main cause of development wrinkles and line from the act of smoking. This factor leads to early aging signs around your mouth and loss your beauty of your face.

Smoking impact appearance

If you smoke, you already need to quit. It’s bad for your lungs, brain, heart and even your sex life. From Smoking Facts; cigarette can also create black pockmark in your face that’s why you have lost your charm of your face and it can damage your look.


Psoriasis is a skin related condition but it can show up even you never touch a cigarette or smoke. However, if you take a smoke on the regular basis then it will be double the risk of psoriasis.

Thinner Hair

Smoking can affect your hair too. It can also raise the problem of hair fall. According to the expert, cigarette contains harmful chemical which can damage our DNA in hair follicles. As a result smoker has thin hair as compared to another normal person.

Tooth Loss

Smoking can create a many type of dental problems like oral cancer and gum diseases. According to the research of Journal of Clinical Periodontology (UK) IN 2005, Smoker has six times higher risk of develop gum diseases as compare to non smoker. This type of problems can lead fast tooth loss which can affect your face beauty.

Flabby Tummy

A smoker has lower body weight as compared to non smokers. According to the recent study of Netherlands in 2009, they found that smoker have visceral fat as compared to normal personal. Next from smoking facts for visceral fat; can increase the risk of other diseases, such as diabetes, heart diseases, breast cancer and colorectal cancer.

Improve your look by quitting smoking

After quit smoking, you can improve the blood flow and gain the skin glow again. Your body starts to receive fresh oxygen and make your body healthier than before. It will also help to lower the risk of cancer and diabetes in your body. Apart from this, your teeth become whiter and no more tobacco affect your hair and nails. You look younger and healthier person.

Rajat Sharma

This article is written by Rajat Sharma. He is a lifestyle and traveller blogger from New Delhi, India and one of the writers and editor of Happiness Creativity Blog. He is nineteen years old, and when he is not working on some interesting new article, he enjoys listening to music and playing cricket.

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