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10 Reasons to Consider Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry!

Being afraid to visit the dentist happens to be a very common phenomenon. There are many who are afraid to go to the dentist and some of them are so terrified that they refuse to step in the dental care office unless they suffer from intense pain. But it is recommended to visit the dentist before the condition gets worse. Sedation dentistry can come to your rescue under such circumstances.

Sedation is a highly effective and safe method of calming the patient fear. This is a moderate form of sedation that does not put you under anesthesia and involves no needles.

Before the procedure, you are simply given a pill.  You will be conscious, relaxed and will have no pain.


After the completion of the procedure you will wake up with no recollection of the event.  The most reputed dentist in Myrtle Avenue Queens recommends this staunchly and is of the opinion that you may either feel very refreshed and good to go or sleepy after the procedure with sedation dentistry.

No matter what the reason is it is a great way to go ahead with the oral procedure without any discomfort or fear.

      • Handle Long Appointments Well – If you have ever gone through a slow root canal procedure and thought if it would ever end or not then sedation is your solution for your next long appointment. In fact, sedation dentistry has made it possible for patients to withstand the long appointments without getting bored, restless or irritable.
      • Less Pain – For many people visiting the dentist’s office is bound to be painful. They are naturally more sensitive to the idea of their gums and the teeth being cleaned and their mouth being invaded. Sedation dentistry is a great source of relief for them as they won’t feel any pain with this.
      • Medications Used Are Safe and Effective – The medication used for sedation dentistry are usually consumed orally and so there is no fear of needle. These drugs are highly effective and leave the body quickly. So, these medications are risk-free to a great extent and can be taken by anyone.
      • Many Dental Procedures Can be Completed in a Single Afternoon – For patients who require multiple treatments that would otherwise take 2-3 office visits can be easily done in just one day thanks to sedation dentistry
      • Decrease Gag Reflex – It is understandable that having the instruments in your mouth can turn out to be quite uncomfortable. For those people who have gag reflex it can turn out to be much worse. The sedation dentistry can help to get rid of the gag reflex and thus, make the dental cleaning and other oral procedures simpler and more comfortable.
      • Beneficial for Kids and Teens Fearful of the Dentist – At the time of performing the complex and invasive treatments like extractions and root canals, sedation dentistry is particularly helpful especially for the kids and teens who are afraid to come for dental procedures. If the problem is treated early it needs much lesser amount of work, time and complexity as compared to those that are done later.
      • Get Rid of Physical Restlessness – If you get anxious and often need to have breaks for stretching the legs and frequently go through nervous energy then you may have a hard time sitting for oral appointments. This can be put to ease by sedation dentistry and you can experience a more relaxed oral appointment as you remain calm throughout the procedure.
      • Stay Relaxed Even with Sensitive Gums and Teeth – Sensitive teeth and gums can make visit to the dental clinic more stressful and uncomfortable. Thus, patients with hypersensitivity are bound to have a more pleasant experiences at the dentist’s office if they opt for sedation dentistry.
      • Stay Ahead of Dental Issues and Save Money -Sedation allows you to treat the ongoing oral problems and thus prevent them from getting more complex or spreading. Hence you can save more money in the long run along with a great oral health.
      • Change Your Perspective – According to the best dentist in Middle Village, the experience with sedation dentistry is so pleasant for most patients that they do not have to go for anti-anxiety medications next time they visit the dentist.

The above are some of the reasons why you should opt for sedation dentistry and maintain a great oral health for years to come.

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