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Secrets of Glowing Skin

If you believe your skin is just an outer surface, for the world to look at, then you might be wrong. Your skin is so much more than only equipment that can help you win a beauty pageant. Your skin takes care of you in so many ways.

For example, it protects you from the harmful UV rays of the sun, lets you feel the touch, texture, and temperature of things. It also protects your body against dirt and harmful bacteria.

It is also in charge of regulating your body fluids and temperatures. Since your skin does so much for you, have you ever wondered, ‘What am I doing for my skin?’

A healthy skin or a skin that is adequately taken care of, will be smooth, with zero brakes on the surface. It is neither so warm that it causes acne, redness, or itching, nor is it too cold or dry. Hence, someone has rightly said, ‘’A healthy skin is a mirror of overall wellness’’.

One thing that we would like to bring to notice for our readers is to have realistic expectations. Healthy skin requires a lot of commitment, and having good skin does not work like a miracle.

Here are a few tips that can guide you;

How to achieve naturally glowing skin:

  • Always keep a check on what are you feeding your skin with. You have to be appropriately aware of your nutrition. An accurate depiction of what healthy nutrition can be planned appropriately balanced diets that include protein, lots of fruits, and vegetables. Proper protein intake will not only give you healthy-looking skin, but it will also help you treat various skin problems such as pressure sore or a healing surgical incision. You may need to incorporate iron into your diet if you find your skin looking pail or grey-ish immensely.
  • Use of Kojic Acid Kojic acid has impressive results when it comes to making your skin healthy and glowing like a newborn. Kojic acid is produced from the fermentation of rice and its origin is from the Japanese word “Koji.” Nowadays kojic acid with papaya and glycerine is being used worldwide for better and improved skin tone.
  • Ensure the proper circulation of blood within your skin. We all know how our skins are served by a vast proportion of blood vessels, hence maintaining an adequate blood supply through our skins is extremely important. A healthy blood supply ensures healthy skin. You might be wondering how to provide healthy blood circulation. Well, we are here for you! You can take care of the following things to ensure a healthy blood supply.
  • Quit smoking! Stay away from cigarettes as they contain nicotine which affects blood circulation in so many ways. It can either constrict or make smaller the blood vessels, while also preventing oxygen, blood, and other nutrient supplies to reach the skin tissues.
  • Perform ROM exercises. We know you might be wondering what Rom exercises might be. Rom exercises are called the range of motion exercises. They include a variety of body movements done by elevating of legs and hands frequently and in different ways. When we do not perform the regular exercise that puts our bodies in motion, our skin becomes thinner and yellow-ish due to poor blood circulation. Edema, a type of swelling is caused on the part of the body that sits idle for too long. This Edema affects the skin covering the areas of it.
  • Do not wear compressive stockings. Compressive stockings also prevent healthy blood circulation through your skin tissues. This might prevent your skin from feeling and be looking like it’s best.
  • Stay away from Anemia. Anemia is a decrease in red blood cells within the human body. One should have proper checkups and stay away from this disease as it makes skin unhealthy and rough. It can even cause your skin tissues to die.
  • Be aware of what is happening inside you. Consult your health providers for any infections or diseases that may befall you. Vascular diseases, especially cause narrowing of blood vessels, resulting in reduced blood circulation throughout the body. They make skin unhealthy and steal the surface of its glow.
  • Avoid anti-bacterial or anti-microbial soaps. These soaps decrease the amount of skin acidity and leave the skin more prone to infections.
  • Wash skin folds more frequently! Skin folds, such as the skin area of our underarms, or from below our knees, need thorough washing and cleaning. You can wash these places more frequently such as two times a day; once in the morning and once at night before sleeping. You can also air these areas to get rid of rashes caused by increased moisture and warmth. You can position your arms and legs in such a way that skin surfaces are separated, and the groins can be easily aired.
  • Use moisturizers. You can lubricate dry skin with regular usage of skin moisturizers and ointments. Although, you might want to be careful while applying this stuff to the skin over bony areas as it may cause skin breakdown if it softens the skin too much. Other than that, lubricated skin looks healthy, glowing, and smooth. There are no dry flakes, and you can feel good within your body.
  • Avoid buying, or using talcum powders. Don’t be astonished! We have done our researches, and we are pretty sure that talcum powders are not suitable for your skin. Along with supporting enhanced yeast growth, these powders also cake up against your skin and lock all the moisture inside. This may cause skin breakdown.
  • Warm water does magic. To prevent calluses formation on your feet and hands. You might want to dip them in warm water, with honey added for moisturization. Later towel the areas briskly, and you will find yourself getting rid of all the deadly sin you are sick of!
  • Keep it clean. It’s massive! Wash your skin daily, frequently. Keep it clean. Avoid being under the sun for too long. Take care of the skin under our toenails and fingernails as well. Wash them frequently and keep them clean looking.

These were some tips that can help you improve your skin-care techniques. You can easily incorporate these tips into your lifestyle, and you will start seeing their magic on your skin within days!

Along with being the largest organ of our body, our skins can be incredibly complex as they contain multiple layers of collagen, tissues, and glands. If you take care of your skin, you will not only be biologically fit and healthy, but you can also go makeup-free anywhere with confidence and style.

After all, the best makeup one can ever wear is naturally healthy and glowing skin. You must invest in your skin. Because your skin represents you on every occasion, and every moment of your whole life!

Always remember, healthy skin, starts within!


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