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Relation Of Brain With Stomach Concerning Health

Factors On Which Proper Functioning Of Digestive System Is Dependent

Proper diet is very important to enjoy a healthy life so In order to stay healthy, it is necessary that our digestive system works properly.

Food that we take from mouth reaches into our stomach after passing through the esophagus. The stomach releases the secretion of gastric juices and the level of pH is controlled in the stomach. Our health is greatly dependent on the legitimate functioning of the stomach. Food is completely digested in the small intestine where bile is secreted in the duodenum.

Digested food becomes part of red blood cells in our body after filtration from the liver. The rest of the undigested food is passed into the large intestine that further passed out from the body through the anus.

Above is a brief scientific description of the digestive system but here I want to describe the fact that the proper functioning of our digestive system is linked with thinking and feelings that are generated inside the brain and heart of human beings, respectively.

The common factor due to which a person complains of indigestion is that he may take an improper meal. Such as contaminated food is a very important reason to create stomach pain or diarrhea. Another reason to create disturbance in the useful working of the digestive system is overeating. This may lead to vomiting or nausea.

One of the most important but less understanding factors that causes serious problems in the proper functioning of the digestive system is that ideas which are developed in our mind. It has been clearly observed that when a person is facing stress in his life, his diet becomes badly affected. His stomach starts showing less strength in order to digest the food particles.

Emotions also play a very important role in the digestive system. A man, when he is happy, can eat more and still face no digestive disorder. But a man who experiences a shock or any grief may become a victim of a number of diseases, particularly it puts an adverse effect on the digestive system also. Sometimes a man is tending to look normal, but still, he is not feeling compatible with taking food. He senses like his stomach his full and there is no need of eating. The reason is stretchiness in mind due to several complicated thoughts about different matters of his life.

Always strive to think less about sorrows and try to make attempts to ignore the complications surrounding you. Because tension makes you weak day by day and your stamina and willpower become less strengthen. It pulls you rapidly towards early old age and once health has lost, it becomes difficult to regain it. So take care of yourself and release stress by alternative methods in order to save your digestive system and also others from diseases.


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