There are many people in the world who believe that beauty lies more in simplicity than in can adopt through different unnatural techniques.

It includes make up tips, fashion lifestyle and indulging yourself in different brands. As fashion is a manner of doing the latest design of clothing. It includes the newest style of hair, decoration, and also behavior. A man, who runs behind fashion, becomes hardly satisfied because fashion has no end. Desire to look better from previous makes the person conscious and uncomfortable all time. On the other hand, a person who never shows possessiveness to become fashionable remains in a calm and relax mood. He makes his own way and walks on it. He never runs blindly behind the high standards of fashion in order to enhance his beauty.

To adopt a simple lifestyle, does never mean to look dull and backward. Simplicity means encouraging the fact of nature by accepting it, not by bringing changes in your features through surgeries. To operate different parts of your body only for the purpose of gaining beauty is a very costly act and there are chances of facing undesired results also. It is all a wastage of time and money. So always accept the fact as u r made by Allah.

Features of creatures that nature has made are suitable and appropriate according to their appearances and behavior. If a person has a black complexion, he thinks that he looks less pretty. He starts using creams that may contain dangerous chemicals inside them. There are many chances to have adverse effects on the skin due to the regular use of these creams. A man becomes a victim of many other diseases at the same time. He may suffer from skin burn, rashes and allergy or pimple problems. On the other hand, if a man accept the truth of his unfair complexion and pay attention to some other simple but useful aspects of fashion, he can make his personality attractive.

To have attractive appearances is a natural wish. It is a true desire to look beautiful. Poor people are also around us. They also want to be admired by others. Everyone cannot afford the prices of high-quality brands. For looking pretty, it is not necessary to have costly jewelry or designer clothes. To have simple but neat and clean, can also have better effects. Things with low cost are also beautiful if the purchaser has a sense of which color suits him more. Try to pay attention to color schemes rather than cost and brands. Have simple and look better is possible with a little effort.


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