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Music is Good for Health | Health Benefits of Music

Hey Ya! I am sitting in wonderful weather listening to my favorite music and writing on this wonderful topic for you people. Music is Good for Health | Health Benefits of Music There is no doubt that listening to music uplift our mood and the most important and interesting thing is that music has wonderful effects on our health. It boosts up your energy, enables you to do your work energetically and improve your health. Yes, this thing is absolutely right and is scientifically proven.

I am sharing an experience with you guys. Last month ago I met one of my close friends and her slim body just wowed me literally. I did not recognize her at once because I have her obese image in my mind and her shaped body makes me surprised.

I was very happy for her. Actually, I also wanted to lose some weight and I was daily going to the nearby park for walking but I was not enthusiastic at all and found walking, running and exercise, all that stuff extremely boring and the day when I met with my friend in that park, I was keen to know her secret of losing weight.

After all, she told me finally that the same situation was also with her and she also found jogging and walking so boring.

Then she decided to do take the stereo with her while going for a morning walk and amazingly the music made her so fully motivated that she started enjoying the walk and routinely she began doing jogging and exercise while listening to her favorite music tracks and this effect his health very positively because health is not about the body width and weight, it’s about to stay fit, so she lost her weight within a month and that’s just because of the energy that music gave her.

I called my friends at, as they are working on audio equipment, I asked a customized pocket Stereo for me. Although their main function relates to car audio equipment my friends never refuse. So I also decided to join the healthy league by doing exercise and following a healthy lifestyle.

This thing is proved scientifically as our brain release dopamine, a chemical that has positive effects on our emotions, and it is released just because of being happy and our favorite music definitely makes us happy.

Also, there is scientifically proven and physiatrists suggested a thing,  that is the music therapy. Now you would better understand how much music affects our health.

Music effects on health

Truly speaking, music is life. You can’t even believe how much it affects our whole body, health, and even our soul. There are a lot of health benefits of music and I will share a few of them with you people.

  • Increase workout

Music is actually affecting our brain, so it boosts up the brain and increases physical stimulation, that why you start enjoying your exercise and do a much better workout as compared to those who just exercise without listening to any music.

You can listen to your favorite music tracks but it’s suggested to play the hip-hop, dance music or any kind of energy and motivation boosting fast music.

  • Conquer loneliness

Music is the best way to cope with loneliness and get relief from depression. Actually, I have been seeing a lot of people indulge in some bad deeds and a lot of people falling in depression because of loneliness, the best way is to listen to the music and get rid of all such issues

  • Improves concentration power

Music can positively distract you from the bad things that you don’t want to think of the circumstances that are distracting you, so boost up your brain by listening to music and fill yourself with the positive energy and focus on that work which you want to or which you love the most. Music has incredible results in improving the power of concentration.

  • Relax the brain and improves mood

Music affects your ANS that is an autonomic nervous system that controls our brain functioning, heart rhythms, blood pressure, feelings, and emotions also. It is a medically proved practice that music reduces psychological tension in our brain that automatically relaxes and refreshes our brain and slows down out heart rhythms a little bit and makes breathing deep that in turns makes us calm.

Mode is improved while listening to music and this makes us happy and our brain releases good chemicals that affect healthfully on our body that eliminates depression and anxiety, just like laughing stimulates the brain to release healthy chemicals and they affect so much on health that you can’t even believe it and research and experiments have proved it also.

  • Medical benefits

Music therapy is used worldwide in the outpatient clinic or by hospital caregivers for dementia and its most severe form, Alzheimer also. Even if you notice that listening to a particular song sometimes brings back a special memory.

Music even improves memory in old age. At any stage of Alzheimer’s, music helps a lot. In the early and mid-stages of this disease, music helps the patients to remember things and help in memory stored in a better way while in severe last stages of Alzheimer’s, music therapy helps the patients to communicate with their loved ones by uttering words they remember.

  • Help to remove sleeping disorders and pain

Music helps you to have better sleep and if someone has sleeping disorders music will help in treating them. Research has shown that music elevates melatonin levels that help to regulate the sleep cycles and you feel calm and relaxed and get rid of insomnia.

Music also helps to eliminate discomfort completely and relieves pain. It is also noted that while injecting if the music is played in the background, this will help the person to focus more on music and feel less pain. This technique is mostly practiced for babies and they cry less during injection if listening to music.

Final words

You are now very much aware of the thing that how much music affects our health. You can gain help from music while doing exercise. I have also maintained my health by proper exercise while listening to the fast music which I love the most and till now I go to morning walk and do jogging and exercise daily because frankly speaking, now I love this.

This became possible just because of the music and music has changed my life. After all, health is a great wealth so take care of it and love doing it by the music you love. Good Luck.


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