Meet Challenges of Health by Climate Change

Climate and Our Health: What Is Another Name of Climate Change?

The term “Global Warming” can be said the other name of climate change. According to NASA, Global warming refers to the increase in surface temperature, while climate change includes global warming, and it is a long-term change in the climate of the region of the earth.

Climate is the condition of weather for a long time in a specific region. Different areas have different climates. Almost three-decade averages of weather observations are referred to as climate normal. Temperature, humidity, sunshine, and wind are some aspects that are measured while determining the Climate of any region.

Climate Change

How to Meet the Challenges of Health by Climate Change?

Climate puts a significant impact on the health of living beings. Nowadays, the climate is changing due to which major changes are happening in the patterns of average weather of a region.

Due to climate change, abnormal variations happen in the weather, i.e. alteration in temperature for a long time that badly affects life events, particularly the health of individuals. So it is greatly needed to overcome this issue and save lives on the Earth. According to Antonio Guterres, the human species has been at war with the planet due to climate change.

Which Effects Can Occur Due to Global Warming?

Researchers have clearly declared unexpected side effects, happening due to climate change reasons. The effects that usually take place due to climate change are harmful to the normal existence of life. For example:

  • Melting of Ice

Ice is melting at a high speed. Thus, it is predicted that the world’s glaciers will have disappeared and thus the tourist places will also badly affect.

Melting of Ice

  • Rising Sea Level

Due to global warming, thermal expansion is an ongoing effect that is resulting in the rise of sea level. Thus flooding events will happen in cities.

Rising Sea level

NASA scientists discussed over Antarctica and NASA captured several photos of broken icebergs. They declared it a dangerous one because if all ice melts, the possibility of rising sea level would 200 feet in the future.

  • Decrease Rainfall

Global warming affects rainfall quantity. The decrease in rainfall will harm the fields and can create a fear of drought.

  • Spread of Diseases

The ozone depletion is contributing to climate change. Furthermore, the ozone layer is a protective layer above the Earth, but due to its depletion, the harmful ultraviolet rays of the Sun are reaching the troposphere (the first layer above the Earth where life exists). These UV rays have a very bad effect on survival and may cause several diseases such as cancer and skin problems.

  • Hot and Dry Environment

It badly affects the environment. Hot and dry weather creates irritation. The Winter season will become short and the summer season will lengthen.

Hot and Dry environment

Causes of Global Warming/ Climate Change

There are several reasons due to which temperature on Earth is continuously rising and thus climate change is happening overall around the world. Some of the causes are below’

  1. Burning of Fossil Fuel

Climate change is happening due to the burning of natural gas, coal, and oil (Fossil fuels). This burning results to release of gases into the Earth’s atmosphere. Due to these gases, the heat from the Sun rays remains in the atmosphere which results in the temperature rising.

Burning of Fosil

  1. The increasing ratio of World’s Population

The population growth rate is increasing rapidly. It is estimated that about 82 million people are growing per year. This increasing ratio of the population utilizes more space on Earth and demands modern facilities for their survival. There is more smoke in the climate from vehicles and industries. People throw more garbage openly thus polluted the atmosphere. The use of technology such as the internet and mobile networking greatly spread harmful rays around the environment. All these factors badly affect the climate of Earth.

  1. Cutting of Trees Results in Climate Change

Trees are the main source to keep the atmosphere fresh and cool. But the human being is cutting them to get wood from trees. He utilizes this wood for different purposes, such as in making furniture, the cork of bottles, bridges, and huts. Forests are being cleared to occupy more space for making homes, schools, and factories. The immense cuttings of trees also cause rising in temperature.

Cutting of Trees

  1. Greenhouse Effect

It is a process in which Earth’s environment becomes thick due to gases and makes the Earth Warmer. Greenhouse gases include:

  • Water vapors (H2O)
  • Carbon dioxide (CO2)
  • Methane (CH4)

These gases absorb the energy from the sunlight and prevent the loss of heat back to space. If there are more these gases in the air due to human activities, GHGs (Greenhouse gases) will act as a blanket and thus global warming will happen due to the greenhouse effect.

  1. Depletion of Ozone Layer

Depletion of Ozone Layer

The ozone layer plays a vital role to balance the temperature of the Earth. It has two functions:


  • It absorbs ultraviolet radiation coming from the Sun, which heats the stratosphere (the second layer above the Earth).
  • Secondly, it also absorbs infrared radiation that is released by the Earth’s surface.


The depletion of the ozone layer is happening due to human activities. The cuttings of trees are increasing the amount of carbon dioxide gas in the atmosphere. Thus the greenhouse gases, chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), and other halocarbons are held responsible for ozone depletion. The smoke of vehicles causes air pollution which also results in the loss of the ozone layer. These factors effectively heat up the Earth’s surface. 

Climate Change Issue in the United Nations

The issue of climate change is discussed every year by several countries at the forum of the United Nations General Assembly. Recently, the 74th meeting of the General Assembly of the United Nation was held in America on 27th September 29, 2019, where Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan raised the issue in front of the whole world. Climate Week NYC also highlighted this issue in its latest news.

 Climate Change Issue in the United Nations

In the speech of Imran Khan, he said, the world’s leaders who can do a lot should understand the urgency of the situation. Pakistan has a lot of ideas to overcome this problem, but due to financial weakness, Pakistan is unable to bring its dream into a real picture. Pakistan is among the top ten countries that are facing a climate change problem. The glaciers in Pakistan are melting rapidly due to climate change which can become an alarming condition if not controlled at the right time.

Imran Khan said that it is the duty of all countries to play their role in reducing global warming and the united nation will also take a leading step.  Helen Clarkson said: The 2020s need to become the Climate Decade.

Save Your Future: How to Control the Increasing Ratio of Climate Change?

New generation particularly kids should be well informed by how to save the future, from the harmful effects of climate change on life and our health.

  1. Play your Own Role:

Global warming is such an issue that puts the responsibility on every individual to play his role to prevent the Earth from climate change. It is well said that:

“Change only happens when individuals take action,”

  • People should buy LED light bulbs and plugs should be pulled out when not in use.
  • Use the vehicle that is fuel efficient thus releases less smoke.
  • Moreover, eat to live healthy but remember to throw the garbage in sealed envelopes.

Play your role

  1. Take Steps at the Regional Level

It is the responsibility of health centers to arrange seminars at the regional level to train the people to save water because less water waste reduces the carbon pollution.

Trees are the most effective, simple and cheapest way to protect global warming. People should be encouraged to bow mini-plants inside homes.

  1. Responsibility of Government

The government should launch the laws for the population control and strictly order to construct factories away from the population so that the harmful smoke and noise coming from the industries cannot harm the health of living beings.

Change your Climate

People should well aware of the causes and effects of climate change so that they can better understand the importance of saving health in regards to climate change.


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