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Humanity Definition


Humanity is one of the most beautiful relations in the world that binds all people with feelings of love and trust. Humanity describes a phenomenon that is free from all categories.

Humanity means equality among all people around the world. There is no division among the people that are based on their culture, traditions or religion. Humanity is a sign of love and peace.

According to humanity, no one is better due to its external qualities such as complexion, height, family background, etc. No white man has a preference on black. Similarly, no rich person is superior to a poor individual.

Humanity develops a sense of justice among all people. Humanity discourages references and belongings. There are always the same laws for the rich and the poor. Rules that deny the inferior person to get his right are seriously condemned by humanity. Punishment for rape or robbery criminals should be similar for both rich and poor.

Humanity DefinitionThe structure that describes the meaning of humanity is similar in all religions but its actual implementation is difficult to find in our society. But in history, it is observed that in every period of time, there were some role models that delivered marvelous examples of humanity across the world and leave the lesson of fairness and justice.

The most fascinating personality around the world belongs to the religion of Islam and whose name is Hazrat Mohammad S.A.W.W. He was a messenger and his messages are not only for Muslims but for the whole humanity. His life was full of thousands of examples of moral values, equality and honesty.

If humanity stands all people equally in a single line, then who can become better from others, is a simple question that can rise in mind. In fact, humanity puts focus on the execution of correct and true decisions for all kind of people.

The only factor due to which a man can become better than others is being conscious of truth and moral ethics.




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