How to Type Cent Symbol in Your Computer

Easy Trick to Use Every Symbol

Learn how to type the cent symbol on your computer in an easier & simpler way possible.

(Not only cent but all the other symbols or characters)

Cent (¢) symbolizes the monetary unit of the U.S and other various nations. One cent equals the 100th of a dollar.

And I guess no keyboard facilitates writing the cent symbol directly by pressing a key. But, there are some simple sneaky ways for every device or operating system. You just have to memorize a simple command, and then you won’t have to Google how to type the cent symbol again.

How to Type Cent Symbol on Your Computer, Android, and iPhone

Here are all the codes, tricks for every device; Windows, MacBook, or smartphone.

And, hey, I’ve one another off-the-track stupid-easy way that works on every device. So stick around…I’ll tell you at the end.

Type Cent Sign on Microsoft Windows

Here is the alt code for Microsoft Windows: Alt + 0162

Alt codes work when you keep the “Alt” key pressed on your keyboard, and then type the certain code, which is in this case: 0162.

Even if you forget the Alt code, there is another one simple way. And this way not only works for the cent symbol, but for any symbol you want to use anywhere; PowerPoint, Word, or Google Docs. But it is for windows computers only.

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Here it is… (You may know this already)

Click on the Menu/Start in the task bar. Then search “Character Map”.

Found the program? Good. Run it, a window will appear, and you’ll see hundreds of characters.

Now click on the “advanced search”, and type the name of the desired symbol in the search for box, which is in this case Cent. As soon as you click the search button, you’ll see the symbol on the window.

Copy that symbol, paste it wherever you want, and you can thank me later in the comment section…

Good thing, you can not only copy but can also learn Alt codes for each symbol or character.  (See the image below)

Cent Sign on Microsoft Windows

Did you know this before? Tell me in the comment section.

So moving on for the MacOS guys…

Type Cent Symbol on MacOS

Typing the cent symbol in MacOS is relatively easier.

Hold the Option key and then hit 4: Opt+4

See, simple as that.

There’s another way to use all the characters anytime, without having to remember codes.

Here’s how:

Open System Preferences > Keyboard. There you’ll see the “Show Keyboard & Character Viewers…” box. Tick it, and you’re all set to use all the cool characters, emojis, or symbols directly from the keyboard.  (See the image below)

Cent Symbol on MacOS

Type Cent Symbol on Android and iPhone

Typing the cent symbol in smartphones is a lot easier.

Write the cent symbol by holding the $ sign on your smartphone keyboard. When you hold it, you’ll see a couple of currencies there; write any of them you want.

If you can’t locate the $ sign on your phone, here is how to do it.

Switch to the numeric keyboard, and there you’ll see the $ sign in the middle line of the keyboard.

If all of the methods don’t work, see below the quickest, simplest, stupid-easy way in the conclusion section.

Cent Symbol (¢): Learn a Little Bit about it

As I mentioned earlier, the cent symbol is actually a monetary unit of the U.S currency, including various other nations as well.

Its value is 100th of a dollar. That means 50 cents equal to half a dollar or 0.50$. People use cents when dealing with currencies less than one dollar.

However, when writing, it is advisory to write in dollars to prevent unnecessary zeros in your write-ups. Unless, it is compulsory to use a cent sign in your presentation, article, configuration report, or whatever you may are writing.

Cent symbol is part of Unicode.

And Unicode is an international encoding standard that sets codes for every character or symbol, of every language of the world. This standard is followed all over the world.

To put it real-simple, in your computer, there’s a code for every character. And that code is universal all over the world, in every computer. So if you need a specific character to write in your article or report, you can type that certain code specified for that character to represent in your report.

So what it does is that it helps you write characters or symbols of every language easily and without corruption or error — that means you cannot type a wrong symbol in your report if you use the right code. It maintains the accuracy to 100%.


So that was it on learning how to type a cent symbol in your computer or smartphone.

And, hey, I almost forgot to mention…

Remember I told you earlier that I have a stupid-easy way to write cent symbols on every device?

No matter if you’re using MacOS, Windows, or smartphone,

Here is the easy-breezy feat…

You can simply copy the cent symbol from Google…

 I told ya, it was stupid-easy…

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