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How Swimming Helps you Lose Weight?

It’s no longer a secret, but a well-known fact that swimming burns fats quite efficiently, and helps us to be healthier and get in better shape.

Swimming is also an ideal manner to control the body weight, also facilitating a healthy development of the bones, especially for babies during their first few weeks of life; it’s also the perfect method for sculpting every lady’s silhouette, and thus swimming seems to be the right sport for almost everyone.

The Actual Process

Among most women, extra pounds are a significant issue. Almost all of them decide to go through a lot of diets and fitness programs, giving up life’s small guilty pleasures, some even resorting to starvation, and these are just some of the drastic methods applied in the process of losing weight.

Unfortunately, very few people consider swimming as the first step before other solutions. Most resort to it as the last solution when all different diets were in vain. When we swim, water has a powerful impact on the body that unites the process of burning calories with intense muscular activity.

Whether it’s effortless or not, it has been proven that in one hour of swimming a person burns between 500 and 700 calories. If you weight between 60 and 70 pounds, an hour of swimming can help you burn up to 800 calories.

Due to its density, water is a much better adjuvant in the process of losing weight than the air, because each move performed during swimming is equivalent to entire body strength training.

Styles and Workout Programs

Even more natural styles of swimming such as “frog” or “dog paddle” are quite lucrative, especially since every effort disappears while making the flopping belly and cellulite become, in a short time, just an unpleasant memory.

The significant advantage of swimming is that even after the end of the session, the body will continue working a few good hours. To lose weight, it is not a mandatory condition to sweat. What matters is what happens to your muscles and how they contribute to burning calories.

To lose weight well, efficiently, and quickly, it is a good idea to follow a program that lasts at least three months regularly. Start with a light workout in the first month and then move on to a more advanced one. Either you choose to spend more time in a relaxing rhythm session, or you can swim faster if you do not have sufficient time.

Resting and Breathing

Right after swimming, it is advisable to relax and breathe properly. Muscles continue working during the rest phase, a few good hours at least.

While swimming to lose weight you will at the same time manage to strengthen your joints, improve your muscular activity and also strengthen your cardiovascular and lymphatic systems, and this will lead to a significant reduction of cellulite.

This way, you will not only lose weight, but you will also manage to maintain the desired weight without effort. If you’re still determined, and it’s not clear what’s best for you, between restrictive diets and tiring training sessions at the gym, choose swimming!

And if you’re considering swimming exclusively to lose weight, investing in a set of earplugs would be highly recommended, as they are at the same time great for practicing water sports and practical during showers.

Benefits and Tips

Swimming is undoubtedly one of the sports that anyone should practice, mainly because it doesn’t apply pressure on the bones and muscles, the injuries are rare, it is relaxing and, if not neglected, it can easily have you burning at least 500 calories per hour.

But is swimming alone the best way to get rid of extra pounds? Looks like no, swimming must be part of a larger plan. You have to do much more than get in the pool and swim.

When we swim and think about losing weight, we must avoid at least two traps:

  • Let’s pay attention to how much we eat after we’ve finished our swimming training. After a swim session, you can wake up with a wolf hunger. Do not rush into the refrigerator, watch out for what you eat, you have worked hard in water if you eat more calories than you have consumed (calculate the number of calories burned by distance and swimming style).
  • After having worked hard at the pool and having put your muscles to work, you mustn’t let the fatigue take control. A short nap or simple inactivity will not help you consume extra calories for those burned in the water.

So, what do you have left to lose? The answer is simple.
Instead, there are so many advantages and things to be gained from swimming, and all this while enjoying a life without restrictions!
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