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Ever wonder why women take extra care of themselves? It’s not only for the benefits that can be seen on the outside, these benefits happen on the inside as well.

These tedious, long and “boring” things that women do help them in the long run as well; especially when they pregnant. That’s when they really need to take care of themselves.

  1. Eat Right – making sure that there are is no junk food in the food cycle, excessive fruits and natural foods rather than canned and processed food. Eating at the right time, the right quantity and the required nutrients is a must.
  2. Cutting Out Alcohol – alcohol is something that is not a necessity nor is it excessively healthy when not pregnant. But when pregnant it is probably one of the most dangerous. Consumption of alcohol and affect the physical and mental development of the baby.
  3. Take Supplements – the mother will require additional vitamins and minerals that food can provide and will have to go on medications that provide them externally. This can be done while taking supplements.
  4. Eating Clean – keeping an eye out for the food that is consumed by the mother is another factor. As the food should not have any chemical content, no pesticides, must be washed and cleaned properly before being cooked and served.
  5. Exercise – while being pregnant, the body the goes through a lot of changes and a lot pain. This is why exercise to combat the pain is a must. Light and easy exercise is advisable, yoga, swimming etc.
  6. Quit Smoking – consumption of nicotine is probably the worst decision while being pregnant. This has almost the same effect as alcohol on the baby, plus it is bad for the mother too. It could cause problems such as – miscarriage, stillbirth, low birth weight etc.
  7. Get Enough Rest –taking as much rest as possible is the most important thing, for the mother and the baby. As the baby is growing by the minute, the mother needs more rest and care; as her body is going through changes as well as additional hormones being present in the body.

Being aware of what is at stake is important, as it is not only one life; but two. Protecting them and taking care of them, helps us be better individuals and make a better world.

But taking care of a tiny human is a greater act of humanity than, take it away from the world and from those who care about them.

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