Global love for Punjabi Dhabas!

The words Punjabi and Dhaba seem to be married to each other. Listening to the word dhaba instantly brings the rustic Punjabi taste to my mouth and makes me crave for some Daal Makhani laced with butter, Paneer bhurji, and Missi roti served with desi ghee. I am sure many of us relate to the feeling! Who can imagine the highways of India and the Interiors of Punjab without the little food havens?

Punjabi Dhaba are popular the world over. In fact, there are famous food places in Amritsar that provide us an amazing Dhaba feel in a fine dining atmosphere, for example, Bemisaal-A Unit of Pappi Di Hatti.

For those who are new to the concept:

Dhaba is the name given to roadside restaurants on the Indian highways. They are mostly situated on highways and generally serve local cuisine, and serve as relaxing stops for travelers. They are known for serving wholesome tasteful Punjabi food. Punjabi dhabas are the pride of Indian highways. Some of them are globally so famous that they have become tourist spots. Dhabas are mostly famous because they come with a legacy and a food history.

Punjabi cuisine is popular for both vegetarian and non-veg Indian food. The popular ingredients in a typical Punjabi food are – a wide range of masalas, onion, garlic, tomatoes, paneer, full cream, butter, ghee or clarified butter and curds or yogurt. So, the preparations worth trying in Punjabi Dhaba cuisine are Tandoori Chicken, butter chicken, Mutton Rogan Josh, Daal Makhani, Palak Paneer and assorted Rotis and Naans.

Most famous dhabas are either situated at highways or in internal areas of the city and are not always accessible when you have a calling for them. The ones that are not very famous are not that great most of the time. The biggest turn-offs could be the inconsistency in the taste of the food, ambiance, and hygiene. So, what are the options for the food lovers who live in the city and want to enjoy great dhaba food with friends and family?

You are lucky that you are in Amritsar, the food capital of Punjab! Looking at the demand for dhaba cuisine globally, with time these traditional Dhabas have taken the shape of modern restaurants. Seeing the popularity of Dhabas, many restaurants have come up with this concept in a more sophisticated way. Some famous food places give you the pure dhaba feel, with the modern-day ambiance and the rustic nuances of traditional Dhaba.

Well! If you share the same likelihood for this delectable cuisine and want to enjoy an authentic dhaba delight at a family restaurant in Amritsar, Bemisaal at Green Avenue Market is a must-try. Bemisaal understands your passion for food and caters to a variety of tastes to bring together a uniquely authentic dhaba experience. They also offer Continental and Chinese dishes to cater to guests for varied tastes.

Next time, whenever traveling around Punjab do try a highway Dhaba and see for yourself!


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