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Find Out About gonstead Chiropractic And How It May Help you

Pioneers of Modern Chiropractic: Dr. Gonstead
The first chiropractic adjustment was made by Daniel D. Palmer in Davenport, Iowa, in 1895 but since then, many systems have been developed by chiropractic pioneers such as Dr. Gonstead to better treat their patients.

The Gonstead Chiropractic System (GCS) is a scientific method that determines how each potential chiropractic patient may be helped by a Chiropractor. It also looks at whether they should be referred to another healthcare provider.

Following this logical and step-by-step system allows your Chiropractor to determine if chiropractic treatment will help your (likely painful) condition, and quickly arrive at the best course of treatment, personalized for your injury or condition.

If a patient appears eligible for chiropractic care; that is, after careful assessment by the Doctor of Chiropractic using GCS it appears that the patient will gain significant improvement, he or she will be provided with an outline detailing the treatment plan during the initial appointment and informed about any further diagnostic or medical procedures that may be required over the course of the treatment plan.

The Gonstead Chiropractic System practitioner has only one goal — to get their patient back to health as quickly as possible.

Dr. Gonstead’s phraseology, “Find the subluxation, correct it, and then leave it alone” speaks to the philosophy behind the Gonstead System (fix the ‘subluxation’ or, joint-misalignment) and serves as a paraphrase for the entire chiropractic profession.

In a nutshell, these are the steps your Doctor of Chiropractic will take you through in order to obtain for you, the best healthcare result.

Your Medical History:
Your Chiro will review your medical file and may discuss relevant parts of it with you during the initial appointment.

The GCS practitioner will inspect your back for obvious areas of trauma or chronic conditions.

The GCS may use a highly specialized (and painless) temperature sensor to detect areas of inflammation or nerve pressure along your spinal column.

Static Palpation:
The Doctor will feel the muscles and other tissues on both sides of your spine for swelling, tenderness, or tightness.

Motion Palpation:
Similar to Static Palpation, the Doctor will have you move through a range of motions while listening for cracking joints and feeling the muscles on either side of your spine for abnormal movement or tightness. It is the most likely of the steps to clearly illustrate exactly where the damage has occurred and its severity.

X-Ray Analysis (optional)
If the GCS practitioner deems it necessary, he or she may prescribe X-Rays for you, to allow him or her to get a better picture of your spine.

The Adjustment:
The goal of a Gonstead Chiropractor is to correct the alignment of your spine via a gentle directed movement of restricted spinal segments thereby restoring you to full mobility.

Placing yourself in the highly qualified hands of a Gonstead System Chiropractor ensures you will receive expert spinal healthcare treatment and advice and whose only goal is to quickly return you, in a robust healthful condition, to your normal activities and routine.
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