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Factor & Drawbacks of Loneliness & its Remedies

Overcoming Loneliness

Every being of the universe experiences different emotions. These emotions significantly influence Human’s lives. When a person faces severe crises in his life, he may commit his self with loneliness.

Overcoming Loneliness

Loneliness is a sad feeling that makes person habitual to live alone. Usually, loneliness is caused due to unfulfilled desires of a person.

People of a day’s make thousand of wishes in mind. They want to decorate their dreams in real life, but life is not always the name of victories.

Fear of Failure

There are also hurdles that may cause failure. So when a person has to bear losses in life, he starts to show his disappointment in the form of loneliness. He starts liking darkness. His heart is considerably moved by sad quotes, poems, and classical songs.

Loneliness is somewhat not a positive aspect of personality because it cuts off the person from the social environment.

Attending ceremonies and enjoying parties is good in many aspects but a victim of loneliness cannot take benefit of all these.

His confidence starts to decrease day by day. He becomes unable to take big decisions that will make him towards victories in the future.

To fail at one time doesn’t mean to see failure all the time ahead. Life is a situation like ebbs and flow. There will come ups and downs.

So a person should never lose heart at the time of defeat. Hard work and steadfast determination are necessary to willpower.

A person must have the courage to take a new step to follow his vision.  There is always a brighter day after night.


So when a person has trust in his capabilities, he can chase his target. Also, trust in people of the surrounding. Make groups, try to share ideas and make consolation at every step.

Alone is one but a group contains mind power with different capabilities that are more helpful to be succeeded in life as it is said: “Union is Strength.”


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