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Exercise and The HCG Diet plan – Tips to Lose Weight Faster

By now you may already have realized that the HCG diet is more than just a momentary craze. In addition to facilitating significant weight loss, this program has also been functional in improving one’s immune system.

The HCG diet program as originally prescribed required an intake of only 500 calories per day minus any workouts. Though exercise benefits body organs such as the heart and the kidney, contrary to popular belief it is not the greatest facilitator of weight loss. The biggest factor that aids in weight loss is always- food, i.e., the amount of calories we take in.

The conditioning we’ve received ever since is such, that when it comes to losing weight, the only way to get rid of that extra pound clinging on to you is to eat less and exercise more.

However, the increasing popularity of this diet plan drives up the question of the role of exercising more often in an HCG program. As are we or are we not expected to support this weight loss program with a workout?  Typically, this diet plan advises you to reduce your food intake and take either injections or oral drops and refrain from strenuous exercise.

People often react differently to this. Half of them get excited by not having to exercise anymore while the other half doesn’t believe they would never have to. At the same time, there are people who are used to exercising, having an active lifestyle- who just don’t want to give it up. Despite the fact that taking HCG makes one feel full; even on a five hundred calorie per day diet, the low food intake is quite insufficient for any strenuous workouts.

No Exercise required

Ideally heavy or vigorous exercises are discouraged during the HCG plan. This diet ensures that the stored up fats in your body are constantly available to you for providing nutrition and energy. However, since one is not getting a lot of food directly through their stomach it results in lesser energy for immediate use as it takes some time for the stored fat to be broken down into energy. On the other hand, vigorous exercises get you exhausted and hungry very quickly as your body wants a quicker energy source. This leads to a lot of troubles, as it causes hunger which wouldn’t normally be there.

Do I need to give up exercising forever?

No. In fact, once weight loss happens one can set out to lose more of it by putting on an exercise regimen to keep the extra weight off, permanently. Low impact exercises like brisk walks and stretching in addition to the dieting process can be done as well. The dieting efforts are far more successful as one maintains a fast metabolism with a low-calorie intake.

But if one wants to exercise while on diet…

Though no exercise is required with an HCG diet plan, one is encouraged to be active for at least 30 minutes per day. Low-impact exercise is good to get the heart rate going and it do not even interfere with this diet process. They can involve themselves in low–level activities like stretching, yoga, and -household chores. It is better to exercise in the later stages of this diet as one isn’t having enough protein to support a more active lifestyle and can feel weak.

One can start to add exercise on this diet at around the second week into Phase 3 of your diet. One should restock their protein supplied in the first week and then allow a few days to ensure that their weight is stabilizing. At that point, one can exercise on the Diet.

Exercise after this Diet

For the long-term success of this diet, it is important to keep exercising after one has completed the hormone treatment. However once one has completed the diet plan, they are free to do any kind of exercise from high-intensity cardio workouts to the low-intensity yoga and swimming. But, make sure you check your health regularly


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