Power quality is becoming very crucial in today’s electric power systems, particularly in industrial and oil and gas installations. The most critical issues are related to power factors and harmonic compliance.

Power factor acquiescence with the regulatory requirements is mandatory in some countries. Upon non-compliance, penalty payments are enforced on the industrial customers by the regulator with the current charges of 5 halal/ K vary.

In order to understand the existing power factor conditions on the site, appropriate power factor measurements shall be conducted, followed by a power system study to determine the required power factor correction and assess the economic return of the installation vs the penalty charges to be paid to support strategic decision making.

Excess harmonic content in an industrial installation can result in conductor overheating (skin effect), can reduce the life on the capacitor banks by heat rise increases due to power loss, can cause false or spurious operations and trips of breakers and fuses and damage or blow the components for no apparent reason and finally can negatively affect transformer life via increased iron and copper losses or eddy currents due to stray flux losses.

In order to ensure that the site harmonics are within the acceptable limits, harmonic current measurements shall be conducted on site; and based on the results appropriate harmonic filters shall be designed to limit the individual harmonic levels as the THD level within the standard limits.

The six different metro lines will be supplied from four substations to carry out to check the power stability and the power quality are within the required levels. The paper represents the power measurements for subtractions directly connected to the designated four substations in order to check the impact of the traction motor on the grid and suggest the mitigation tools required to reduce the negative impacts.


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