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Effect of Stories on Destiny

What are Stories?

A person’s daily life matters are the reflection of stories. Stories indeed come into existence by someone’s personal experience which he faced in real life.

Some other characters and quotations may be added to maintain the flow of the story in an interesting way.

The destiny of a person is always with him. Person and his fate, both are together in every step of life. What a person does or thinks, it can effect its destiny.

So, in an alternative way, we can say that stories affect a man’s destiny. It may be due to the reason that the stories are a powerful communication tool.

What are the Stories?

Stories are the source to interpret the facts of real life. Each day of all human beings can become the reason to generate a story.

There are relationship stories, friendship stories, love stories and success stories that describe the achievements of successful people and many more.

Stories affect human life. Their studies are the source to increase the mental capability of a human being.

When a person reads the story, he must learn something from them that puts influence on the destiny of man.
Destiny is an excellent fact of man’s life.

Success or failure of a man is linked with fate, and it is up to man to always struggle to make his destiny bright.

Destiny can be changed through prays and also by experiences.

Experience, which a person gains from his past time and even though the observation of other’s life.

Stories are the source to have a deep insight into other’s life. They provide awareness about the bitter realities of life.

These realities help the man to become practical in life. They can develop a sense of maturity and to realize the responsibilities in life.

Some stories provide courage at the time of difficulty. Stories can bring innovation in life. They can entirely change the lifestyle of a man. Through stories, a man learns how other people behave in strict times.

He becomes familiar with various techniques that can enable him to struggle and achieve victory in life. Some stories are sentimental.

They develop the feeling to take care of others. They can make a person healthy, brave and creative in activities. A person can realize a new power inside the heart that shakes his soul.


Stories provide strength to fight against unethical issues of society and thus make a path to change the destiny of man.


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