Dress reflects the personality of a person. Selection of dress according to season and occasion is a very important factor. The decision of dress-wearing should be taken very carefully as man’s nature is recognized by his dressing.

Different countries have specified their national dress according to their religion in order to show their traditions and culture. The modern period tries to facilitate the demand of youngsters to fulfill their requirements that are concerned with beauty and fashion. Everyone wants to look beautiful and attractive so all brands are working their best to discover new styles and stuff.

Students are always facilitated by farewell parties, college trips or friends treating clubs. There are also marriage ceremonies or engagement events to celebrate joys and happiness. All these occasions greatly motivate the youngsters towards beauty and fashion.

There are various factors that should be considered while choosing a dress for attending any event. Timing of function, season, person’s age and complexion are some of the factors to be considered at the time of selection of dress. Contrasting colors usually have a good impact on the viewer. Dresses with light colors are mostly liked to wear in the summer season whereas in winter, dark-colored dresses are preferred to wear. The reason of this is, dim colors can be easily absorbed by the retina of eyes in shiny warm days. Sunlight in the summer season contracts the eyes muscles so people should avoid dress having bright colors.

In the summer season, mostly loose-fitting dresses are recommended to provide comfort to people. People like to wear half sleeves shirts at home. Functions are arranged at night.  Embroidery designs are also less weighted in summer. The demand of fashion can be filled from a sewing point. There are varieties of beautiful and attractive shirts styles that have sewed very fashionably. Multiple designs for trousers are available in boutiques. Beauty with boutique style dresses is frequently spreading in the market.

In the winter season, there are sweaters, mufflers and many other more items to add up with dresses to enhance beauty and fashion. Children look cute in pink, orange and purple shade. Teenagers like to wear bright colors. Red color is very adorable by Children look cute in pink, orange and purple shades. Teenagers like to wear bright colors. Red color is very adorable by youngsters as it reflects their feelings of love and interest in the opposite sex. People having old age mostly wear simple clothes.

In short, dressing well is a great talent. It is art that makes one person different and impressive from others. Proper dressing brings a positive influence on the life style of a person and also inspires others to do the same.


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