Does Travelling After Embryo Transfer Affects The Pregnancy Outcome?

Does Travelling After Embryo Transfer Affects The Pregnancy Outcome? Infertility has its own ups and downs when it comes to taking treatments for that. You may have a successful IVF procedure or you may have to go through repeated cycles to achieve a successful IVF pregnancy. In either case, the anxiety level of the infertile couples is at its peak, and thus, being careful during the phase is highly recommended by every infertility expert to be in a sound health condition.

Infertility does not come calling, it may be tested right at the birth of an individual or maybe diagnosed later in life. It is just like any other disorder that humans can suffer from and so, the ones who find it to be some reason to feel ashamed must know that it is nothing to be ashamed of!

With the advanced medical science procedures, infertility is treatable now and most couples prefer the IVF treatment to have their own child even though they suffer from infertility. But there are certain procedures and limitations that the infertile couples must adhere to, in order to be in sound health conditions while undergoing fertility treatment.

One such factor is traveling during the process; if you are undergoing IVF processes and you want to travel, you must know certain things before processing. We will discuss that below

In cases where infertility treatments are done through IVF technologies, women need to be careful after the implantation is done. Embryo transfer is such a process where the eggs of another female donor are surgically extracted and fertilized with the sperm of the male partner to get a zygote which is then transferred back to the fallopian tube or uterus of the mother who could not conceive naturally or failed to reproduce eggs in general.

This process can also be carried out in surrogacy treatments wherein the surrogate mother undergoes embryo transfer to give birth to the child of the couple in which the female is unhealthy to carry the baby in her womb.

If we talk about the success rates of this process, it depends from person to person and largely on the women who are impregnated in the procedure. They must be alert every time and take full care of themselves during the entire phase so that they don’t suffer a miscarriage.

As far as traveling after embryo transfer is concerned….

It is advisable to be in rest till the delivery of the child is done successfully. But if in any case, the traveling needs to be accomplished due to urgency, then the woman in question must take the easiest options available for the same. Ivf pregnancies are just like normal pregnancies, just done through artificial means, and thus taking care of the pregnant woman just like her normal pregnant days is recommended by the health experts.

After the embryo is transferred, it is more like a normal pregnancy than an IVF one and so the care must be taken as a normal pregnant female only. Traveling through roads with fewer jerks is recommend and there is no prohibition in flying or taking a train a route.

During the first few months, it is good to travel any distance but when the delivery date nears or at least before the last trimester, some extra care needs to be taken on part of the pregnant female. The body needs more rest and lots of energy to go through such a phase and to have normal childbirth without many complications.

Therefore, it would be great if traveling during the last trimester can be prevented. While there is no such limitation on traveling, it is best to not take any such unwanted risk when you are undergoing IVF treatments.

The closure

Fertility treatment has gained much popularity in the past few years worldwide. More couples are preferring to undergo fertility treatment in order to have their own child and this has brought hope on the life of millions of such infertile couples. The causes of infertility might be clinical or birth defects at times, but sometimes even leading an unhealthy life can lead to infertility issues in both men and women.

No matter whether it is reduced fertility or complete infertility, you have treatment for every condition. But being careful is the best remedy if you try to lead a healthy lifestyle from the beginning, like eating healthy, sleeping timely avoiding excessive consumption of alcohol or smoking, taking the stress, etc. you may be able to prevent infertility issues which occurs due to leading an unhealthy lifestyle.

People must be careful in preventing infertility but even if they suffer from it, they must be careful when undergoing treatments. A healthy IVF pregnancy needs special care in the part of the females undergoing the treatment and so avoiding any such case that can lead to its failure is highly recommended, even if it includes traveling too!



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