Advancement in technology has reduced the physical burden and facilitated our lives to a great extent at one side but there are also a number of negative aspects hidden in it. It is affecting our lives badly. Technology has helped us in developing medicines and improving our health but it is also becoming the cause of several diseases which are getting more and more common with the passage of time.

We are surrounded by thousands of machines in our homes, offices, industries, factories, playgrounds that contain electronic swings and also in educational institutes. These machines help us in our daily work and reduce our burden on one hand but on other hand, these also possess many harmful effects.

The radiations emitting from these machines like computers, mobiles, TV, microwave ovens, etc. are the main cause of cancers and abnormal growth of cells. Radiation exposure from these machines during pregnancy has adverse effects on the growth of the fetus. Congenital disorders are becoming common.

Abortions, miscarriages, and abnormal births are mainly caused by heavy exposure to radiation. Advancement in biotechnology is providing us with new medicines that treat one disease but also affect the normal functioning of other cells.

As it reduces our physical burden it makes us lazy and comfort-loving. Reduced physical activity is itself the main cause of many diseases like obesity, digestive disorders, and heaviness of the body, restlessness and depression as well.

People are becoming used to work in tube lights, rather than the natural sunlight exposure to the lights emitting from computers, mobiles, TV etc. are weakening the eyesight. There is the increased use of multivitamins, health pills, energizers (the gift of advancement in medical technology) they possess positive as well as negative effects on the body.

Their increased availability has reduced the use of natural products like healthy diets and food like fresh vegetables, fresh juices that have the best effect on the body without any side effects. Transgenic crops and animals are also the results of biotechnology but it is making people more prone to diseases.


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