Disadvantages of Internet for current era

Internet is the fastest technology used for several purposes now days. It has lots of benefits but also contain negative aspects in it. Several crimes are now taking place due to the use of internet. These crimes are becoming common with time.

It is now easier to get access to any data via internet. Each and every thing is now available on internet and only at a distance of just one touch. Parents are facilitating their children with computers and mobiles accessories by connecting them with different interesting applications that are available on internet.

It is good for helping them in their studies and keeping them updated with the demands of modern time but there are also some dark points in it.

Internet in the growing age especially for the teenagers is like a viral infection. There are several sites on internet that gain the attention of teenager towards negative direction. These not only affect badly on their mental growth but as well as it also deviate them from their moral life.

Exposure to these prone sites in immature age can bring a youngster towards more critical and criminal side of his life. During teenage the attraction towards the opposite gender is very pronounced. And internet provides a best tool to satisfy oneself with negative desires and bad attractions.

Unethical fake friendships and relations on social websites drive the attention of youngster towards wrong direction. They start to pay less attention to some other important aspects of life such as studies, career and other beneficial progressive activities. Free availability of social Medias and online networks are very time consuming. As a result, children waste most of their time day and night in unwanted poor activities.

Getting too much engagement with adverse activities on internet does not throw a bad effect only on single individual; instead it spoils a whole family as well as a community. One bad habit can make roots in it. A man starts getting involved in terrible company and bad friend can indulge all others in these kinds of harmful unwanted unethical activities that can ruin one’s life and whole society.


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