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Did You Forget to Laugh Today? Crazy Health Tips

You missed these Amazing Benefits of Laughter

So, you got up early, pushed yourself to the workplace, came back to finish the household chores, watched a TV program, and ended your day with an alarm clock on to get up the next day; to do the same all over again.

In this fast-paced life, did you forget to gift yourself a “laugh,” which is not only an expression of joy but a bundle of benefits for your mind and body? If you are passing a single day without a laugh, you are depriving yourself of the fantastic benefits laughter has for you.

Understanding laughter

Laughter is a welcoming signal that initiates conversation, acceptance, and positive interaction. It creates a positive vibe around you that can turn “bad” into “good.” A couple of minutes of laughter has more to do with just elevating our spirit.

Understand the health benefits of laughter and ensure you don’t forget to laugh. A good giggle has tons of benefits for us that we will explore one by one.

#1. Boosts Immunity

Laughter increases the number of antibody-producing T-cells that fight against some seasonal health invasions. These antibodies improve our immunity and contribute to our health.

#2. Relieves Anxiety and Depression

Laugher lowers the production of four types of stress hormones reducing our tension and anxiety. An increased level of these hormones even brings adverse behavioral changes in a person. After a good giggle, we feel more complacent and less restless.

#3. Relieves Pain

Laughter increases the secretion of endorphins which raises the threshold of a person for pain tolerance. Hence, laughter can also act as a painkiller for you while elevating your mood and reducing anger, pain, and tension. The best part is that this painkiller does not have any side effects.

#4. The Best Natural Exercise

Blowing up the balloons, facial stretches, and massage are a few exercises to tone up the facial muscles. But do you know that laughter does it all along with rejuvenating other body muscles? Yes, when you smile, your diaphragm and abdominal muscle systems also get strokes and toned up.

#5  Cancer Prevention

Laughter therapy benefits are well-acknowledged and are adopted by some cancer institutes to prevent and slow down the growth of tumors inside the body. The laughter produced IFN or Interferon-gamma which helps in the production of B-cells, T-cells, NK-cells, and immunoglobulin.

These compounds regulate the immune system and act as the first line of defense against unwanted cell growth and tumors inside the body.

#6 Improves Memory & Prevents Mental Illnesses

Laughter offers improved brain function and exercise. When we feel amused, pleased, elated or happy, different parts of the brain are stimulated.

When learning is combined with these changing emotions, memorizing things becomes more comfortable. That is why, due to kratom,  mental benefits of laughter, fun learning is promoted in schools as laughter and learning together can give lasting results.

#7 Increased oxygen supply to the body

Laughter makes you breathe faster stimulating your respiratory system and lungs. The blood flows more quickly to the brain requiring you to inhale more oxygen.

This quick and increased intake of oxygen goes to the brain making it work healthier and better. Even your pulmonary system gets a boost with more ventilation due to short episodes of “mirthful laughter.”

#8 Increased Creativity

Laughing brings some chemical changes inside the body. It increases the oxygen level in the blood and brain, reduces stress hormones, and increases endorphins. All these positive contributions add to the overall health of the brain bolstering the creativity of the person.

#9. Help Reduce Weight

It sounds unusual, but a little chuckle on top of your diet and exercise can help you lose weight. Laughter increases your heart rate, requiring more oxygen which speeds up metabolism.

Increased metabolism burns calories and helps in reducing weight. That is why “laughter sessions” have become a part of weight loss and other physical activity programs.

#10. Social Benefits of Laughter

Laughter is contagious. When you laugh, you might make others laugh. Laughing can bring healthy changes in many lives and improve the quality of life. It can help many others heal from their sicknesses and chronic conditions.

Laughter is the best medicine. It has unlimited benefits, and it is the best natural exercise and medication God has created. In normal conditions, we fall into laughter as per the context and situation.

However, people with severe mental illnesses do not express or do not find any relevancy with laughter. In such cases, find the best psychiatrists nearby to keep the life going happily.

Understand the importance of laughter. Find options to laugh and don’t refrain from laughing hard. Try to watch comedy shows, crack jokes, and read jovial books. Go out to meet your friends, listen, and talk.

“Every day you should try to LAUGH LONG AND LAUGH OFTEN”


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