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TO WIN YOURSELF OR TO DEFEAT OTHERS A big drawback of society that is often observed in running days is the increment of selfishness among the people. The sentiments of sincerity are gradually decreasing day by day. Now everyone is conscious about others in order to make him inferior that may lead the people towards disaster.

To be satisfied yourself, it is necessary to pay attention to your own matters. You have the right to go ahead but it doesn’t mean to ruined others’ life. Make your own path and walk on it according to your desires. But never struggle to create difficulties in others’ life. Always try to avoid taking a lot of stress on failure. This will help you in relaxing your own conscience.

Jealousy makes the person irritate and unhappy. Consider a man who wants to get the victory. At the same time, there is another man who wants to defeat others. What is the difference between both of them?

The man who wants to achieve success will always concentrate on the issues relating to his victory in a positive way. If he faces failure, he will dedicate it to his own deficiency in struggle and he will make a new spirit to try again.

On the other hand, a man having negative thinking in mind will face a lot of stress inside him. He will busy in planning to defeat others. He will spend his day and night thinking about how to provide harm to others. Such kinds of people become aggressive more quickly than others.

The pleasure of achievement is not for only one person it is for a group or for the whole family. Similarly, if a man faces failure, its grief should be for all people around him. A nation can never stand alone.

Union is strength. To be a nation it is necessary to have trust and cooperation among the members of society. So always stand together in front of all crises and never divide your nation into pieces due to jealousy or revenge.


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