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Centuries ago, people have to live in jungles. Their behavior was resembled with that of animals. They have no clothes, no education and no manners.

They fought with one another and killed with no mercy. As the time passed, they got senses and started to concentrate on different aspects around them. Step by step, man had progressed towards modern age and became atomic power now days. What is that thing that compelled human being to become separate from jungle and animal like life? Yes, it is wisdom that distinguishes a man from animal.

Without wisdom, human being is also like an animal that cannot think about his benefit and bring changes in his lifestyle. Wisdom is a motivating power that enables a man to enhance the capability to bring innovation in the world. It is man’s task to understand matters due to wisdom, not of animals. Human beings learn ethics and apply them in their lives.

Ethics leads towards the development of behavior of a man. Good ethics help in the creation of positive behavior. On the other hand, bad ethics may stand a person within a category of animals where they don’t know moral rights of one another and never pay attention on esteem of other person. Good ethics is the symbol of humanity. It is such a powerful weapon that can bring animals close to you. Animals have no wisdom but still there is possibility for them to understand the language of love and care, when they are treated in specific manner.

Behavioral development due to ethics can make your destiny towards success or failure. Ethics teach us how to behave with others gently even in situation of aggression. Good ethics make it possible to forgive your enemy at the time when he is in difficulty. If you treat well, your ethics become moral lesson for others. You can make your place inside the heart of other person due to your good ethics.


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