Beauty and Fashion Style – The Craze of Fashion

The craze of fashion is greatly popular in both sexes male or female. There are many styles that are espoused in order to enhance the beauty and fulfill the requirements of fashion of the modern age. These styles have variation among the following categories i.e.

Hair style

Clothing style

Makeup style

Jewelry style

Shoes wear or handbags styles

Styles that are used to manage one’s hair are very important as it panels face looks. Male and female adopt many styles to facilitate their personality. Different jells, hair creams, sprays and conditioners are utilized to control the genera of hairs. Dying in different colors is also take on.

Hair-cutting is a big art that can change the face looks totally. You can look innocent, sexy or sharp by adopting different haircuts styles. People having small faces should avoid layer cutting as layers hide the face and seems to look smaller.

Rebounding is very popular among females. It is a simple and easy style to adopt that most suits to every type of face.  Those people who suffer from short height problems are directed to adopt long hairstyles.

Clothes are a reflection of someone’s personality. The modern age brings hundreds of new styles that are announced by different brands. While choosing a dress, People should select that style which is according to their complexion, season and occasion. It is necessary for a good nation to always remember their traditions and wear that dress that promotes their society towards their religious and cultural values.

Makeup styles usually contain different beauty tips. Some people are suffering from different skin problems such as pimples, blackheads, acne, etc.  They are recommended towards a domestic guide to get rid of these problems. Some common tips are:

Use of lemon on daily bases

Do exercise

Drink a sufficient amount of water

Never sleep with makeup coated face, wash first then go to bed

Clean your teeth and nails

Avoid drugs

Add fresh fruits to your diet etc.

Besides these tips, makeup artist have also fun changing the face looks according to the desire of the customer. The use of dark shades or light shades is helpful to control face tuning.

Jewelry and hand purses are common among the ladies. Females like to wear bracelets and earrings. A man usually likes to wear a wrist-watch of different attractive styles. Shoes also have a variety of styles among both male and female. It is suitable to wear long heels for those ladies having short height but the rage of the long sole is also common in height actresses especially during parties.


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