9 Awesome Makeup tips and tricks for a Natural Look

Getting the right makeup to wear when you’re working for a natural look can be more complicated than you think. You don’t require anything too cakey, too light, or too dark. And we all recognize, that looking natural does really need some makeup application – and some job, also.

The best advice that we have for you is to use colors close to your normal skin tone, and ones that improve and perfect your skin. For your best natural look, catch the tips and tricks below, accompanied by some of our favorite beauty products to do to get your natural-looking makeup just right.

  1. Moisturize: Designing a perfect base for your makeup is essential. Moisturizer helps your skin by hydrating and promotes anti-aging advantages. It will even out your skin surface, creating an ideal palette to start your makeup routine.
  2. Conceal: Hideaway any dark rings, fine lines, or spots with a concealer. This will get cleared of any defects and leave your skin looking perfect.
  3. Powder or light foundation: We suggest using a powder or an airy liquid base. The illusion that we’re working for is natural makeup, so, applying thick, cakey makeup doesn’t match the bill. Be positive to apply evenly with a brush for an even, non-streaky, look, and your face will seem naturally perfect.
  4. Subtle blush: Creme blushes operate well because you can rub them in as much as you like for an exciting or subtle look. Depending on your color, blush colors will vary – but peaches manage to look fabulous on everyone. Mix into your natural cheekbone line where pink suggestions usually show.
  5. Neutral shadows: Clean a neutral color over your covers for a muted but pretty eye. Pick a color that is just a shade or two deeper than your skin tone; anything too deep will create a more climactic eye and won’t seem natural.
  6. Nude lip: When picking a lip color, go for the light pinks, peaches, and powder colors. You could also use a little gloss for an even more modest lip.
  7. Little mascara: A thin layer of mascara is only require for a natural look. You still need your eyes to stand out, so if you have thin lashes, combining a layer of mascara may be a great idea. If you naturally have dull, full lashes, you may jump out on the mascara.
  8. No liner: The eyeliner is excellent for a dramatic eye; it doesn’t fit with the simple makeup look. Don’t use any eyeliner on the top or bottom. Not only will your face see naturally beautiful, but you’ll love how easy getting off your makeup is!
  9. Customize your base: “One way to make a more natural base is to mix a few moisturizers into your foundation.” It will dial down the coverage and provide skin a dewier, natural finish.

For a glower finish, Dominic suggests “adding a smidge of MAC’s Strobe Cream to any foundation.” “Not only will it decrease the density of any base, but it’ll immediately increase your glow and give skin looking fresh & natural.” Think, post-facial glow.


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